Breathe Deep to De-Stress

Breathe Deep to De-Stress

Posted by Laura Colucci on

Ever felt stressed and just by taking a simple, deep breath you noticed a sense of release, both physically and mentally?

April is National Stress Awareness Month. Stress Awareness Month helps us to reflect and  assess the personal, family and work place stress that exists in our everyday lives.

When life is feeling a bit "out of control" taking a moment to pause and breathe is a great way to ground yourself and observe what is causing your stress.

Inhaling essential oils is one the fastest ways to bring change and transformation to thought and feelings. Inhaling essential oils stimulates the limbic system, the most primitive part of the brain storing memories, emotions and desires, and creates an immediate release of hormones. Inhaling essential oils is also a simple way to transform our thoughts, feelings and potentially evoke creativity.*

Inhaling essential oils also aids in reducing stress. Essential oils are known for deeply affecting emotional states. Essential oils commonly known for reducing stress are Lavender, Bergamot, and Chamomile which are also the key ingredients in the Relax Atmosphere Mist. A calming blend to help de-stress the mind and body. When life is feeling a bit much, try misting the Relax Atmosphere Mist, inhale and experience distress morphing into de-stress.

10 Step Stress Solution from the Stress Management Society   

1. Prioritise your health

2. Get a good nights sleep

3. Practice deep breathing

4. Stay hydrated

5. Eat for wellbeing

6. Get moving to combat stress - Exercise

7. Adopt a positive mind set

8. Master your time 

9. Don't be a slave to technology

10. Learn to say NO 

*(source:Ayurveda & Aromatherapy Dr. Light Miller & Dr. Bryan Miller)

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