Equality Policy


Spritz Wellness Ltd. is committed to eliminating discrimination, providing equality of opportunity and challenging prejudice in order to advance the achievement of equality and foster good relations.

Equality brings quality for everyone and the creation of a fairer society where everyone can participate and achieve their potential. Equality is about valuing a person ‘as an equal’ and treating people according to their needs and characteristics to achieve an equal or fair outcome – it’s not necessarily about treating everyone the same.

An equal society values human diversity, recognising that diversity brings a range of skills, knowledge, values, styles, perspectives and ideas that secure the Company’s future as a place where people want to live, work and prosper, and challenges the inequalities that destroy this diversity in our society and organisations.



Everyone who works for Spritz Wellness Ltd. (as an employee, contractor or volunteer) is expected to adhere to this policy.

Our recruitment and selection processes aims to ensure that people who join the Company have shared values. Together, through leadership, management supervision, personal responsibility, guidance and training we will all aim to ensure our organisational culture demonstrates our commitment to equality.

Sometimes this involves thinking differently about what we do and how we do it. If we don’t change our thinking, we will keep doing the same things and get the same results. It’s OK to be curious and try new things. Sometimes this involves being able to challenge people constructively.

It’s important that everyone working for Spritz Wellness Ltd. understands about equality and diversity and how to operate in a non-discriminatory and inclusive way, doing what matters to people. Under the Equality Act 2010, employees and others working on behalf of an employer can be held personally liable for acts of unlawful discrimination where an employer has taken all reasonable steps to prevent such an act.

Failure to provide inclusive, non-discriminatory services and employment can result in poor community outcomes, service user experience and working environment, which can increase organisational costs due to poor health/wellbeing, which is the opposite of Spritz Wellness's agenda. Failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary action.


Why do we have an equality policy?

We have an equality policy to make sure that we treat people fairly, reduce inequalities in the Copmany, and comply with the law (Equality Act 2010 and other relevant legislation covering equality and human rights).

Prejudice and discrimination can affect anyone, but some groups are affected more than others. Some people receive unfair treatment or worse outcomes as a result of negative stereotyping, assumptions, ignorance, invisibility, abuse of power or intolerance. This could be because of their religious beliefs, culture, heritage, appearance, abilities, age, gender, or sexual orientation – diverse identities that are intrinsic to them. This means that people are not provided with the same opportunities as others, or are not treated with dignity and respect because of who they are.

Discrimination is often unwitting – this is when someone does not realise, they are discriminating unlawfully. This is when people develop policy and practice based upon their own needs, identities and values and do not consider the different needs of other people. The law, however, does not recognise ignorance as a defence.

Spritz Wellness Ltd. acknowledges and welcomes its legal duties and uses the legislation and guidance as a framework to improve or maintain standards and be accountable to the people it serves. However, we are not only driven by legislation – our policy and the work we do is also in response to local needs.


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