New Podcast on Aromatherapy and Yoga

New Podcast on Aromatherapy and Yoga

Have you been curious about aromatherapy and have wanted to include essential oils in your practice for yoga or meditation? If so, this podcast episode is for you.

Spritz Wellness founder Laura Colucci caught up with On and Off Your Mat podcast host Erika Belanger to discuss incorporating aromatherapy into your yoga practice. 


What is aromatherapy? Why use aromatherapy? What are some benefits?What are your favorite smells for meditation? Lavender is such a popular one, if you don't like it, what would you replace it with? Can you explain how essential oils affect the brain? Are there any contraindications to essential oils?What do you say the skeptics? How can we choose a quality oil? What should we look for?What are your personal favorites? What are the first oils you would recommend people to start with?

Click here to listen to the podcast. 



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