Introducing our NEW Spritz Wellness Hand Cleanser

Introducing our NEW Spritz Wellness Hand Cleanser

All Natural Hand Sanitiser - PROTECT

The plant-based PROTECT is gently scented with essential oils and protects hands from bacteria and germs without being drying. Non-toxic, cruelty-free, it meets World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, without being harsh to skin.

With everyone washing hands more to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many are finding that the chemicals present in many standard sanitisers and  causing hands to feel dry, flakey, and damaged. The entirely natural Spritz Wellness PROTECT cares for hands and protects against bacteria, leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated, without redness or irritation.

The soothing, ultra-effective hand sanitiser couples the antibacterial witch hazel with other powerhouses of nature, including tea tree oil which is famed for its antimicrobial properties, the naturally soothing antioxidant aloe vera and moisture-rich, the cleansing properties of lemongrass and the hydrating properties of Vitamin E. PROTECT also meets the 60% alcohol requirement laid out by the World Health Organization, the NHS, and Public Health England.

Spritz Wellness Founder Laura Colucci said, “Hand sanitiser has fast become an everyday necessity, especially if you’re out and about with no access to hand washing facilities. For many it’s simply not possible to use standard off-the-shelf hand sanitiser due to the significant damage that can be done to the skin.

“Conventional hand sanitisers feature hydrogen peroxide to deactivate bacterial spores, but Spritz Wellness has been able to mimic this effect using tannin-rich witch hazel which boasts incredible antimicrobial properties, creating a new type of sanitiser which cares for the skin while also offering effective protection“

PROTECT is the first in a series of plant-powered body products to be launched by Spritz Wellness this summer. Known for its all fragrant natural room mists, aromatherapy eye pillows, masks and relaxing and energising yoga mat sprays which have been prominently featured in OM Yoga Magazine. It will bring its signature calming, aromatic scents to the PROTECT collection. 

There are two sizes of recyclable glass bottle to choose from: a compact 50ml option ideal for popping into a pocket, and a larger 100ml option perfect for keeping in a bag to keep hands fresh and clean on-the-go.


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