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Today’s #amazingfinds comes from a world where inner peace is much valued. At The Amazing Blog we’re often guilty of not focusing on the importance of a having healthy mindset and sense of calmness. As a consequence, we try regularly to practice things that can help us get there - such as yoga!  Some of us are regular ‘yogis’ and thus mindful of the importance of keeping our mats clean and in tiptop condition. We thought we’d share with you these SpritzWellness Yoga Mat Sprays, Energise and Relax which are aromatherapy based; we found these via the 2020 Beauty Shortlist Awards (as the latter was awarded Wellbeing Editors Choice). Their primary purpose is to clean the sweat away from yoga mats to restore and keep them pristine.  

Spritz Wellness is a holistic company founded by Laura Colucci in 2017, a professional yoga trainer who divides her time between the beachy shores of West Sussex and the London metropolis. The aim of the company is to help everyone find peace in the centre of their busy and chaotic worlds. They also focus on providing products that are not only made from start to finish using durable and recyclable material but also have ingredients that help to maintain a grounded and balanced mindset. The commitment to a better self is used in all aspects and it is shown even in the small detail. In fact, Spritz Wellness fights for a better future by supporting Surfers Against Sewage, who help keep the oceans clean. In fact, they not only regularly donate a part of their sales to this non-profit organisation, but also participate in beach cleaning here in the UK

Their award-winning product Yoga Mat Spray Relax comes in 2 sizes, the 50 ml, and the 100ml. It is made with three simple ingredients water, tea tree oil and lavender.  The lavender is taken from flowering tops of French lavender shrubs, and aids in promoting wellness and calmness by reducing stress, anxiety, and sometimes pain. It is especially good to fight insomnia and restlessness as well as headaches. Another component here is the tea tree oilderived from the leaves of the Melaleuca tree in Australia, it is indeed the cleansing ingredient in the sprays, thanks to its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, and antioxidant characteristics. It helps fight germs and other unwanted foreign bodies, and has an immediate effect on the body, increasing the activity of the white blood cells in our system and boost immunity. This yoga mat spray is made of recyclable glass bottles that will help in enhancing grounded feelings of steadiness and relaxation after the yoga session thanks to its purifying components. To purchase see here 50ml bottle costs £12 and the 100 ml bottle costs £19.

Their other Yoga Mat Spray Energise, also comes in 2 convenient sizes, the 50ml, and 100ml bottle. This cleansing, energising, and restoring spray. It aims to energise (hence its name) the body and mind with its powerful ingredients. Often used in aromatherapy, the main ingredient here is lemongrass, which is a tall grass that grows in the tropics and Spritz Wellness harvest this precious botanical to provide energy by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Its citrusy scent helps, believe it or not, in boosting self-confidence and giving an overall happy atmosphere. When inhaling the scent, it helps the part of the brain related to emotions, behavior, and sense of smell and memory to boost it. Again it also has water, and tea tree with its antiseptic characteristics acting as antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. They suggest using before and after a session to help banish all negative thoughts with the double whammy of also cleaning your equipment!  To purchase the Energise see here for 50ml at £12 and 100 ml at £19 respectively. Both these ‘super spritz’s’ help deep clean your yoga mat while keeping everything all-natural – they certainly get the thumbs up from us.

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