Creating a Daily Wellness Routine Through Incorporating Aromatherapy and Supplements.

Creating a Daily Wellness Routine Through Incorporating Aromatherapy and Supplements.

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It seems like the perfect time to highlight the benefits of both aromatherapy and how using the right supplements daily, can support both your physical and mental wellbeing during these turbulent times. We have teamed up with Link Nutrition a food based mineral and supplement brand to provide tips on how to incorporate aromatherapy and supplements into each and every day!



Our Morning Routine 

The first thing we do each morning, upon waking, is spritz the Spritz Wellness Revival Atmosphere Mist. The stimulating scents of grapefruit and peppermint will give you a burst of natural energy to start your day, the right way.

Alongside this we drink a full glass of water to start the day hydrated. With this we take the Link Nutrition Energy + CoQ10 to start a busy day! This food based supplement includes adaptogens including Panax and Siberian ginseng, plus adaptogenic cordyceps mushroom alongside fermented CoEnzyme Q10 to give you the ULTIMATE morning, energy-packed motivation-boost! It never fails to set us up the right way for the day ahead, whatever we’re up to! 


Starting the day with yoga + Ashwagandha 

We follow this with yoga! Roll out your yoga mat and use the Spritz Wellness Energise Yoga Mat Spray. This is one of our favourite ways to incorporate aromatherapy into our morning sun salutations. It also helps to clean and restore your yoga mat. Close your morning yoga practice by thinking of one person or thing you are grateful for in your life - this helps us start the day with a calm and happy mindset. 

After this, we take our
Ashwagandha. It’s one of our top favourites when it comes to our supplement routine, thanks to its adaptogenic properties. This means that it has the ability to adapt to our bodies response to stress, reducing the stress hormone cortisol and helping to bring the body back into balance. This isn’t all, ashwagandha actually has a number of amazing benefits; from reducing anxiety, promoting sleep, supporting the immune system, as well as regulating glucose metabolism

Take it in the morning if you are looking to stabilize and reduce both stress and anxiety throughout the day,  but go for the evening if you need to regulate your sleep-wake cycle for a better night's sleep! At the moment, we’re opting for the morning to keep anxiety levels at bay.


Brain Food + Purify Atmosphere Mist 

As we find ourselves in the midst of unknown territory with many of us working from home, focus and concentration are key!

Here is where Brain Food comes in. Link Nutrition has designed their Brain Food supplement to help support, brain function. It’s packed with brain-boosting vitamins, minerals and mushrooms to give you that all-important BRAIN POWER to get you through your to-do list. We like to take ours mid-morning or mid-afternoon when we need that extra brain-boost to power us throughout the day! 

As more of us work from home and tackle home-schooling the perfect partner to Brain Food is the Spritz Wellness Purify Atmosphere Mist which helps to refresh your space. It’s a natural way to clear the air, with a combination of pure essential oils including lemongrass, tea tree, ravensara, lavender and eucalyptus. 

In combination with a supplement and aromatherapy, try and get outside for a walk in the middle of the day to help clear your mind.

Curcumin + Zest Atmosphere Mist

Curcumin is as an all-rounder when it comes to supplements, it’s great for pretty much anything! We like to take ours in the morning to set us up for the day, but you can take it whenever suits you best. Boosting cognition, reducing inflammation, enhancing the immune system and supporting digestion and detoxification, curcumin really is amazing!  

The Spritz Wellness Zest Atmosphere Mist is great to mist while taking the Curcumin as it is formulated to support an overall sense of well being and refresh and inspire. Formulated with the refreshing scents of lemon, lime and rosemary.  Try slicing a lemon and place it in a jug of fresh water to encourage yourself to keep hydrated throughout the day! When you have your curcumin mid afternoon, it's a great time to check in with this. Make sure you’re staying hydrated to help you keep focused and your mind clear. 


Spritz Wellness Sleep Spray + Night Supplement

We always like to follow a wind down ritual to prepare for sleep. With sleep hygiene more important than ever - we couldn’t be without our night time ritual before we hit the crispy cottons! There are 3 things that we just couldn’t be without when it comes to sleep. We start 30 minutes before we go to bed by taking the Link Nutrition soothing Night blend which includes lemon balm, montmorency cherry, glycine and reishi mushroom. Then Spritz the Spritz Wellness Sleep spray on your pillow and place the Aromatherapy Eye Mask on your face and drift off into peaceful sleep! 



As we all navigate our way through these turbulent times, it’s important to find comfort in the small things and take each day as it comes. We take pleasure in using our favourite supplements to support our bodies, alongside anxiety-busting aromatherapy mists and sprays from Spritz Wellness to bring simple joys to everyday. 

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