Clean vs. Clear Beauty Unveiled 

Clean vs. Clear Beauty Unveiled 

There are so many buzz words in the beauty and natural health industry. With a lack of regulating bodies terms like organic, natural, green, pure and clean are used quite freely. With the latest, trying to challenge these claims, is clear. 

Brought to light in a recent article in Grazia  written by Shannon Peter. She discusses how New York’s Fashion Institute (FIT) released a new Clean Beauty Report claiming nearly three quarters of consumers want a brand to explain exactly what its ingredients are and what they do. 

So what is clear beauty?

It’s the idea that companies should unveil to the ever savvy consumer what exactly is in the products, the quantities of listed ingredients, any animal testing and the sustainability of packaging. It’s about getting rid of the disguise, and substantiate the marketing claims.  Its owning up to what is exactly in the product. And are the product claims actually accurate. 

Consumers are becoming more aware. They are reading food labels wanting to know what exactly they are consuming. At the same time they are yearning for product knowledge of what exactly they are putting on their body. 

The ethos’s of Spritz Wellness is to create a product that’s all natural (no additives) just pure essential oils blended together in purified water to create a pure non toxic room and yoga mat spray. To create a product that we feel is completely pure, (doesn’t interfere with the scents) alcohol is not added to the Spritz Wellness Sprays. Which is why we say “shake well” before use. This allows the oils and water to blend naturally. To provide a clear beauty experience. 

Next time you reach for a clean, green, natural... beauty or wellness brand, think clearly and look to see how “clear” the product really is. 
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