Develop Self-Awareness

Develop Self-Awareness

Explore simple ways to become more self-aware. Do you find at times you get so busy in life that you lose sight of who you are? It is a healthy practice to check in with yourself and observe without judgement how you are doing. Asking yourself simple questions will help bring you back to yourself and become more self-aware. Maybe even more efficient, healthier and happier. We've put together a list of questions to get you started.

What is my breathing like? How much sleep am I getting? How much sleep do I need? How does going to sleep at a certain time impact me and my energy levels? Am I eating the right amount of food and more importantly the correct food to energise me? How does exercise make me feel and am I exercising to much, or not enough?  How do my thoughts shape my experiences? Observe where do my positive and negative reactions come from?

Sometimes a change in season is a good time to come back to these questions and reflect, check in and become more self-aware. 


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