What "Get the Gloss" Staffers Have on Their Valentine's Day Wishlist

Get the glossIf Valentine's Day isn't the perfect excuse to treat yourself, when is? 

Delighted to have the Spritz Wellness Aromatherapy Eye Pillow included in Get the Gloss, Editorial Director, Victoria Woodhalls Valentines Day wish list! 

"I have tried dozens of eye pillows in my 15-year yoga teaching career and I love the way they relax the muscles around the eyes - never more needed than now with increased screen time. Spritz quite simply do the best. They are twice the size of most others - enough to cover the forehead too and truly block out the light - yet not as heavy as you might expect, filled only with dried lavender and chamomile and genty weighted with buckwheat hull and linseed (you can buy refills too) and covered in a range of Liberty prints. I had one, but a beady-eyed student claimed it and what better treat on Valentine’s day than this heart print one? The matching eye mask would be great too!"



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