The Sweet Smell of Sleep

The Sweet Smell of Sleep

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I’ve been trying a sleep spray from a website called Spritz Wellness. My sleep has been shot to pieces ever since my daughter was born with a disability 18 years ago. I kept thinking I’d lose her in the night, and the stress of all of it just shot all circadian rhythms out of the window. I also think leukaemia, menopause, building a business from scratch, etc., etc. all helps to add to the stress of everything. I decided before trying it that I was definitely not going to put all my sleep hopes and dreams into a bottle of spray because that would be a ridiculous thing to do when probably medicine, a 10-year holiday, a new body and new blood would be the best fix.

So here’s what I did. I sprayed the bottle around the room and onto my pyjamas. The scent is lovely. It’s a mix of lavender, mandarin, ravensara and chamomile. The lavender and chamomile came through the strongest for me. Just that gorgeous hay/grass smell that you get from a chamomile tea and the lavender was like a fresh summer garden. The ravensara seemed to add depth – it seemed to give it a sophisticated undertone. It comes beautifully packaged in a cardboard outer tube, and honestly, it’s a lovely present for a good friend who has everything I think. Did I sleep better? Not really, but I’m definitely not a good person to use as a guinea pig for that. I tell you what it did do though. It did make me feel relaxed, and it seems to give an air of calm to the room which I really loved. So if you’re the sort of person who nods off when there’s a calm atmosphere around you, then this is definitely a product for you. The space reminded me of a beautiful hotel or a stately home. It’s a lovely thing. It’s reasonably priced at £14 and made in England too.


Spritz Wellness  Sleep Atmosphere Mist Pillow Spray 50ml

Try the Sleep Atmosphere Mist Pillow Spray (50ml) here.

Sleep well! X Deb


Deborah Price is the founder of UK British Boxers proudly designed in Staffordshire, England. British Boxers is passionate about creating classic underwear and loungewear shapes using beautiful fabrics, for quality and style that stands the test of time.

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