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I came across a really interesting article on Victoria Health about the trend towards Mindful Beauty and Aromatherapy. 

I was so surprised to read the staggering increase in the use of lavender in the U.K. “According to research and analytics company NPD UK, Brits are embracing Mindful Beauty more than ever, in particular the power of aromatherapy oils. Sales of lavender-based products were up by 552% between January and April this year, while rose-based beauty products saw an increase of 6% and lemongrass infused products saw a 5% lift to sales” 

The article looked at why essential oils and aromatherapy have seen such an increase in demand. It stated, "2019 has been a challenging year for many people and in uncertain times, customers return to natural, heritage ingredients and products that offer a comforting, nurturing effect on skin, body and soul,” says June Jensen, director of NPD UK Beauty. “The emergence of the Mindful Beauty trend is a response to the need to achieve solace and self-care in beauty rituals that calm the mind, cleanse the skin and offer a little ‘me-time’ during the morning, evening and weekend beauty ritual.” 

It led me to question, is Brexit making us more mindful? 

The Spritz Wellness Sleep Spray contains Lavender essential oil as it’s main ingredient. It helps to calm the mind and body. Simply mist the pillow before sleep as part of your self-care evening "Mindful Beauty" ritual. The use of aromatherapy helps to promote a solid night’s sleep. 

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