Embracing an Autumnal Scentscape

Embracing an Autumnal Scentscape

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As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, there's a autumnal transformation that takes place. Autumn and winter bring with them a unique sensory experience, characterised by scents that evoke warmth, nostalgia, and comfort. Among the most iconic scents of the are cinnamon and orange. These warming scents combined create a comforting scentscape perfect for bringing the new season into your home.

Cinnamon is synonymous with the cosiness of autumn and winter. It’s warm, spicy aroma instantly transports us to a place of comfort and contentment. There are a variety of reasons for why cinnamon is such an iconic winter scent. For example, memories of baking in autumn and winter can be triggered through the scent of cinnamon, think pumpkin spiced lattes and cinnamon rolls. The scent of cinnamon wafting through the kitchen as you bake brings back cherished memories of family gatherings and holiday feasts. Therefore, incorporating the scent of cinnamon into your home can evoke those festive memories and feelings of warmth.


The warming scent of cinnamon can be enhanced by combining it with the fresh and zesty scent of orange. While oranges are often associated with summer, their bright and citrusy scent can be a refreshing addition to the winter scentscape. As the days become darker and gloomier, the vibrant scent of oranges brings a burst of freshness and energy. The zesty aroma can be used to combat the winter blues.


Using candles to create an autumn/winter scentscape:


When it comes to creating the ultimate ambiance, scented candles have become a home staple. Among the countless fragrances available, one combination that stands out for its warmth and charm is cinnamon and orange. Cinnamon and orange are two distinct fragrances that complement each other beautifully within a candle. Cinnamon brings a warm, spicy, and slightly woody aroma, while orange provides a zesty, fresh, and citrusy note. Together, they strike a harmonious balance between spicy and sweet, creating a scent profile that's both inviting and uplifting. The Spritz Wellness Joy Aromatherapy Candle is crafted with all-natural cinnamon and orange to release a truly festive scent. This blend transports us to a place of warmth and familiarity, making it perfect for creating a snug and inviting atmosphere on cold winter evenings. Place the Joy Aromatherapy Candle in your living room in an evening to create a cosy ambience, perfect for relaxation. The Spritz Wellness Aromatherapy Candle range is created with a 100% vegan wax blend made of soy and a 100% vegan cotton and paper eco-wick along with essential oils to create an authentic aroma.


The benefits of orange & cinnamon in aromatherapy:


Aromatherapy enthusiasts often turn to cinnamon and orange for their mood-enhancing properties. Cinnamon is believed to stimulate alertness and creativity, while orange is associated with feelings of joy and positivity. Lighting a cinnamon and orange candle can help uplift your mood and create a more positive and vibrant atmosphere in your home. The Spritz Wellness Joy Atmosphere Mist is also crafted with cinnamon and orange but has the added scents of nutmeg and clove to create a scent that is reminiscent of ‘Christmas in a bottle’. This Atmosphere Mist can be spritzed on a Christmas tree branches to enhance the festive scent.

One of the key advantages of using cinnamon and orange as a scentscape is it’s versatility. This scent combination works well in various settings and seasons. While it's especially popular during the autumn and winter months, it can also be enjoyed year-round. The cosy, comforting aroma is equally suitable for a relaxing bath as it is for a holiday gathering.


The pairing of cinnamon and orange is a classic choice that continues to captivate our senses. Their complementary aromas, ability to evoke warmth and nostalgia, versatility, and mood-enhancing qualities make them a popular and beloved combination. Whether you're looking to cosy up on an autumn evening or simply infuse your home with a sense of comfort and happiness, a cinnamon and orange candle is an invigorating choice that brings the perfect blend of spice and zest to your living space.



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