Wholesome Chocolate Banana Smoothie Delight

Wholesome Chocolate Banana Smoothie Delight

Posted by Laura Colucci on

We were inspired by The Wooden Skillet’s delicious Chocolate Banana Smoothie and made a few tweaks to create a nutritious and delicious breakfast smoothie, which also works as an afternoon snack.

What you will need:

• Banana: Adds natural sweetness and thickens the smoothie.
• Zucchini: A bit of chopped zucchini adds extra veggies.
• Chia seeds, ground flax, and sunflower seeds: These pack a nutritional punch.
• Raw cacao powder: Adds sweetness and makes the smoothie taste like a peanut butter cup.
• Chocolate collagen protein powder: We love adding a scoop for extra nutrition and a creamy texture. Loving Vital Protein right now as has no flavour. 
• Almond or Peanut butter: Optional but highly recommended for a nutty flavour.
• Spinach: Great fresh vegetables to boost the smoothie’s nutritional value. Try using the Waitrose frozen cubed spinach. 
• Unsweetened almond milk: Keeps it dairy-free; any plant-based milk will work.
• Smoothie ice cubes: Thicken the smoothie with ice made from coconut water and coconut cream.


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