Great Debate: Bar of Soap vs Body Wash

Great Debate: Bar of Soap vs Body Wash

Posted by Laura Colucci on

Bar soap and body wash are both popular choices for cleansing the body, and each has its own advantages and considerations.

Consider Packaging

Bar soap is solid and typically comes in a rectangular or oval shape, while body wash is a liquid that is usually packaged in bottles or containers.



Body wash is generally considered more convenient to use as it can be easily dispensed onto a sponge or loofah, creating a lather. Bar soap requires some manual effort to create a lather and can be slippery to hold.


Body washes are commonly formulated with moisturizing ingredients that can help nourish and hydrate the skin. On the other hand, some bar soaps also contain moisturizing ingredients but also  contain exfoliating properties. For example the Spritz Wellness Exfoliate Soap contains coffee grounds and the Restore Soap contains poppy seeds to gently exfoliate the skin whilst cleansing.


Bar soaps are generally more portable and travel-friendly since they are solid and do not require additional containers. Body wash, being a liquid, may require special travel-sized containers.

Environmental Impact

On the plus size bars of soap tend to have a lower environmental impact as they typically require less packaging and have a smaller carbon footprint. 

Ultimately, the choice between bars of soap and body wash comes down to personal preference, skin type, and individual needs. Some people prefer the convenience and moisturizing properties of body wash, while others appreciate the simplicity and portability of bar soap. 

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