Aromatherapy and the Power of Scent

It has long been known and understood that certain smells or perfumes can have a positive effect on our emotions and on our well-being. The scent of freshly-mown grass for example evokes the feeling of a warm summer’s day. The smell of a particular perfume can evoke instant memories of the person who wore it.

And now modern medicine has caught up with the idea of treating a person holistically using complementary therapies. Although aromatherapy itself has been around for many centuries. Aromatherapy now plays a great part in healing as well as in making our homes more pleasing places to live.

What is Aromatherapy?

Simply put, aromatherapy is the ancient art of using plant essential oils in combination which can be used to promote well-being of the mind and body and assist healing after illness or disease. It works by absorption into the lungs and into the bloodstream via the skin. The highly concentrated therapeutic molecules can then reach the part of the body that needs them whether through massage, bath oils, skin preparations or through room sprays or diffusers. Essential oils are produced when plant components like flowers, bark, roots, peel or leaves are crushed to produce essences with a unique scent.

How can scent help our well-being?

The olfactory system in the brain, the part that responds to smell, is stimulated when you smell essential oils or any kind of perfume or odour. This is why certain scents affect your mood. For instance, the smell of lavender is well known for its relaxing effect and why it is commonly used in bedrooms as an aid to sleep. Certain aromas can help to reduce feelings of sickness during illness, or to reduce feelings of depression. Tea tree oil is often used for its infection-fighting and anti-fungal properties as well as its invigorating scent.

A natural and cruelty-free solution to stress in the home

When you buy aromatherapy products to use in the home the fact that the essential oils involved have been produced in an entirely natural way is an important factor for many of us today when concern for the environment is so important. This ancient art has been proven many times over to be of benefit to people in so many ways. By filling your home with pure, fresh aroma you can restore balance to your mind and body, reduce stress, promote relaxation or energise the atmosphere around you.

Simple ways to bring Aromatherapy into your life:

- Scented eye cushions are great for relaxation or meditation. The soothing scents of lavender and chamomile are great to put the mind a ease. 

- Atmosphere mists can be used in various location and throughout the day. Such as the Sleep spray  can be use to spray the room before bed. Revial spray is great for mornings or mid afternoons to energise naturally. The Purify blend is great to change the air in any space from the kitchen, bathroom, and car. Also great for traveling on airplanes or hotel rooms. 

- Aromatherapy is also great to compliment a yoga practice. The Mat spray can be used to cleanse the mat naturally and provide a stimulating scent. In addition, Relax Atmosphere mist is great for savansana or just general relaxation.