Winter Warmers the Aromatherapy Wheat Bag

Winter Warmers the Aromatherapy Wheat Bag

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As we enter the winter months and temperatures drop, the quest for warmth becomes a top priority. While turning up the thermostat or relying on electric heaters may seem like the most straightforward solutions, there's a budget-friendly alternative that not only keeps you warm but also brings a touch of natural comfort an Aromatherapy Wheat Bag. Its important to explore how this simple and cost-effective solution can be your winter warming companion and benefit your wellbeing at the same time.


What is a Wheat Bag?

A wheat bag, also known as a heat pack or wheat pack, is a fabric pouch filled with organic wheat grains. The bag can be heated and used to provide warmth in various ways. These bags are a popular choice for their versatility, comfort, and the therapeutic benefits that they offer. The Spritz Wellness Aromatherapy Wheat Bag is crafted with Liberty London Tana Lawn fabrics and contains organic wheat and dried lavender to induce relaxation and aches and pains. The Aromatherapy Wheat Bag is also 60 cm in length and is 20 cm wide so that it is large enough to wrap over the shoulders or stomach soothing muscle pains but also keeping the body warm and toasty.

Cost-Effective Warmth:

One of the primary advantages of using a Wheat Bag to stay warm in winter is its affordability. Compared to the ongoing costs of household heating bills, Wheat Bags offer a one-time investment with benefits that can last for years. By utilising the heat-retaining properties of wheat, these bags provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for keeping cosy during the colder months.


Wheat is an effective ingredient for use in heat therapies because the primary source of wheats internal heat is the ongoing metabolic reactions within the wheat kernels, driven by enzymes breaking down stored starches and converting them into sugars. As these biochemical processes intensify, they release energy in the form of heat. Wheat is also effective at holding heat, allowing the Wheat Bag to keep warm for a significant periods of time.


How to Use a Wheat Bag for Warmth:



Place the Wheat Bag in the microwave for 1-2 minutes on a medium setting. Ensure the microwave turntable can turn freely with the Wheat Bag on it with no obstruction.
The grains inside the bag retain heat and provide a soothing warmth when applied to different parts of the body and gives out a moist heat that releases muscle tension.
Once the Wheat Bag is heated sit and relax and place the bag across your shoulders, over your stomach or your legs to soothe the body and keep you warm.


Bed Warmers:

During the colder months there is nothing worse than climbing into a cold bed. This can be avoided by heating a Wheat Bag and placing it in your bed twenty minutes before going to sleep.
The gradual release of warmth will keep your bed cosy and will warm it up so its nice and warm, ready for when you go to sleep. The Spritz Wellness Aromatherapy Wheat Bag is also filled with dried lavender so the scent of lavender will induce relaxation and aid sleep, creating a calming and warming sleep environment.


Portable Warmth:

Another benefit of  Wheat Bags is that they are portable and can be taken with you to keep you warm on the go. Take a heated Wheat Bag with you in the car or to the office for instant warmth on the go. Aromatherapy Wheat Bagsare particularly effective for use in yoga practices. The aromatherapy coupled with the soothing benefits of the Wheat Bag is great accessory for a relaxing yoga or meditation class.
This portable solution ensures you stay comfortable and warm wherever you are.



Therapeutic Benefits:

Aside from being an affordable heat solution, Wheat Bags offer therapeutic benefits that contribute to your overall well-being. The gentle warmth they provide can help alleviate muscle tension, reduce stress, and improve circulation. The natural properties of wheat make these bags a safe and natural option for both relaxation and pain relief.

As winter approaches, consider the simple yet effective warmth provided by Wheat Bags. Their affordability, versatility, and therapeutic benefits make them a compelling alternative to traditional heating methods. Stay warm, stay comfortable, and enjoy the natural goodness of this budget-friendly solution.



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