Put a Spring back in your step this Spring

Put a Spring back in your step this Spring

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Spring has finally arrived, a little slowly it’s true, but the weather is getting a little warmer and the days are brighter for longer. Although we expect to feel energised by the new life outside our windows, for many people this simply isn’t the case. If you have been dreaming of all the things you wanted to do as soon as spring arrived but are lacking the energy to carry any of them out, then don’t worry because there is a reason.

According to some interesting research carried out by the National Sleep Foundation it is relatively normal not to get an immediate burst of energy as soon as spring arrives. Our bodies can in fact take some time to get used to the new patterns that each season brings. Add to that the wild fluctuations in weather we can experience in the UK and is it any wonder we are not “Full of the joys of spring”.

Instilling wellness

With the change in the clocks, not only does it get lighter earlier in the morning, but we also get more light over the course of the day. This can make it harder to sleep, but investing in blackout curtains can really help to keep your bedroom nice and dark and aids with sleep.

Spring can also herald the beginning of so many allergies. These can include hay fever triggered by tree pollen, and even an increase in asthma symptoms and your bedroom is one of the rooms in your home most likely to trigger allergies. Keeping on top of your vitamins and clean eating you can help to make sure that your body has the best defence against these elements of nature.

Kick starting your metabolism with a healthy diet full of vitamin rich foods such as fruits and berries, and plenty of water can really help you to feel energised and ready to go.

The scent of wellbeing

Natural oils and invigorating scents offer you a fantastic addition to the arsenal of ways in which you can feel energised this spring. In the right combination they can help to revitalize both your mind and body and even boost your concentration. The Revival Atmosphere Mist is the perfect way in which you can achieve this, with the perfect combination of Peppermint and Grapefruit you can feel ready to tackle the world. And for that extra boost to really kick start your day, the Revival spray is the perfect alternative to that caffeinated beverage so many of us reach for automatically.

Take the time to re-evaluate your bedroom, your sleeping patterns and what steps you can take to improve your wellness this Spring and it is sure to see you revived and ready to fully enjoy the season. 


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