Get the most out of your Yoga session....

Get the most out of your Yoga session....

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Yoga and similar activities like Pilates bring with them a full range of mental and physical benefits to the extent that, in some forms, they're now available on the NHS.

But the volume of sweat worked up during a session can often be surprising. Over time, and with regular use of the mat, the build-up can create quite an aroma.

When was the last time you cleaned your yoga mat? Have you considered wiping your Yoga mat clean and at the same time incorporating aromatherapy into your yoga sessions? Consider postures like child's pose where your forehead touches the mat. Imagine breathing in the fresh scents of Lemongrass and Tea Tree rather than months worth of build up on your mat.

Spritz Wellness produces an all-natural Yoga Mat Spray called Energise. It is comprised of two pure essential oils Lemongrass from Indonesia and Australian Tea Tree. Aside from the benefits associated with aromatherapy the essential oils are anti-fungal and antibacterial therefore cleansing the mat naturally. Time on your Yoga mat is precious, why not make the most of your session and create an environment where you can fully relax the mind and body without being distracted by the scent of your mat.

“Not only will your mat be sterilised, the body and mind will also feel calmer at the same time through the benefit of aromatherapy,” said Laura Colucci founder of Spritz Wellness, yoga teacher and owner of The Nook Yoga Studio.

One customer, Sarah, commented: “The all natural ingredients eliminates any clinical smells left behind after cleaning when using other non natural products. I love the smell of the Lemongrass – and now my mat smells like that before and after practice. The Lemongrass provides that luxurious spa like feeling.”

Using an all-natural spray, creates an atmosphere and encourages mindfulness, not only at home but also within yoga studios. If you are unable to take your yoga mat to a public class the mat spray is easy to carry in your handbag. Simply mist the yoga mat and wipe it clean before class. Nothings kills the zen yoga feeling faster then using a studio mat that hasn't been cleaned properly!

Spritz Wellness has launched its latest product – a new Energising Yoga Mat Spray. The Energise Yoga Mat Spray (made in the UK) aims to clean and restore yoga mats while purifying and sterilising them so they are as good as new It joins the already popular Relax Yoga Mat Spray which is made from Lavender and Tea Tree.

Spritz Wellness London will be exhibiting for the second consecutive year at Top Drawer London on September 8-10th, 2019

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