Interview with Estila Magazine

Interview with Estila Magazine

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Estila magazine
I recently caught up with Karolina Barnes from Estila Magazine to discuss how Spritz Wellness addresses sustainability. How our products are made and why we choose certain ingredients.

Can you tell us why and when you started Spritz Wellness?

The inspiration for Spritz Wellness came from my interest in aromatherapy, essential oils and my 20 years of practicing yoga.

The Spritz Wellness brand was born in 2017. I am a yoga teacher and I initially created the room sprays, yoga mat sprays and eye pillows for my own  yoga practice and for teaching.  Almost five years on, the brand has now evolved to produce products that help to enhance one’s overall sense of wellbeing.

I feel using aromatherapy, be it through an atmosphere mist or a scented eye pillow or mask, is just one way to be grounded and find calm in a very busy and at times uncertain world.

The Spritz Wellness brand embodies timeless style, passion and quality. Great care and attention to detail is put into our products, with each designed to stimulate the senses, calm the mind, energise the soul and enhance the sleep experience.

All products are lovingly crafted in small batches in the UK with all natural ingredients.


How important is sustainability to you? 

Sustainability is very important to me personally and for Spritz Wellness. Considering the sustainability of the product and packaging is essential. At Spritz Wellness we aim to do our bit by offering refill eye pillow inserts so the customer can refresh their eye pillow without having to purchase a new cover.

We strive to be a 100% natural company. All spray products are made of glass with very minimal packaging. All atmosphere mists, yoga mat sprays and body soap packaging can be reused or recycled.

We have a strong affinity to the sea and are dedicated to keeping it clean. A portion of proceeds from products sold are donated to Surfers Against Sewage. We regularly partake in beach cleans to keep the coastlines of Britain clean and safe.


Can you take us through some of the benefits of the ingredients you use in your products and how important they are for our wellbeing?

I strongly believe in the benefits of aromatherapy and how a scent can help shift a mood, calm the mind and body and aid with sleep. I feel more than ever there is trend towards wellness and selfcare and people are looking for little ways to find “me time” or as I like to refer to as “mindful moments.” By misting a relax atmosphere mist or just placing an eye pillow of over the eyes for 5 minutes to just take some time to reset.

The ingredients in our Spritz products are made with pure essential oils.  Blends have been created purposely to calm, energise and relax the body and mind.

Our body soaps use pure essential oils and are composed of olive oil, coconut oil and sustainable palm oil as their base as these are nourishing and cleansing. Some of our soaps contain the hydrating ingredients of aloe butter, pink and green clay. 

Our Cleanse body soap contains activated charcoal. This gives the soap its rich colour and nourishes and detoxifies the skin. 


What is your favourite product? 

Oh that’s really tricky…I have designed and created all the products, and I use them all! However, I would say right now I am loving the Exfoliate body soap. The coffee grounds act as a natural exfoliant and the lemon and rosemary invigorates me in my morning shower.

I also can’t sleep without my lavender eye mask and my nightly Spritz of my Sleep pillow spray.

Finally, I love my yoga mat spray to refresh my yoga mat and my aromatherapy eye pillow for savaasa. So, its really tricky for me to choose just one!


What are your plans for 2022? 

In 2022, Im personally looking forward to attending more tradeshows, events and store visits. Its been difficult the past couple of years not interacting with customers and buyers.

This year Spritz Wellness has plans to expand its current product lines through the launch of exciting new products. Also, look out for our new range of essential oil bath salts, launching soon.


The interview can be found here:

“Over the last few years we have all realised how important it is to slow down and take time for self-care. Spritz Wellness London is on a mission to encourage its customers to rest and embrace self-care rituals through the power of natural aromatherapy. As a passionate practitioner of holistic living, in this interview founder, Laura Colucci, shares the inspiration behind her vision, combining nature, the sea and wellbeing into the products.”

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